Vol. 47 (2017)



Accentuation in the Ukrainian version of Church Slavonic language and its display in works of  H. Skovoroda and T. Shevchenko // PDF // 5–17
Lidiia Hnatiuk

History and lexical and word-formative types of proto-Slavic noun suffix-va // PDF // 18–26
Petro Bilousenko, Svitlana Sablina

Factors of variability of grammatical system of the Ukrainian language of XVII century // PDF // 27–35
Halyna Naienko

The system of syntactic connections: classification searching // PDF // 36–51
Natalia Kobchenko

The semantic-syntactical structure of the apposition phrase // PDF // 52–62
Iryna Aribzhanova

Linguistic world view in the poetic texts of Lesya Ukrainka’s collection “On the wings of the songs” // PDF // 63–78
Nina Danyliuk

History of formation and development of the concept sphere education through modern scientific world picture // PDF // 79–90
Iryna Serebrianska

The document in the inheritance by the writer-experimentalist: textual peculiarities // PDF // 91–102
Viacheslav Levytskyi

Functional field of Phonetic word in the Modern Ukrainian // PDF // 103–111
Vira Berkovets


Dialogism in historical measurements of the old Ukrainian time: Otpys Kliryka Ostrozkogo // PDF // 112–116
Vitalii Peredriienko