A suggestion of the euphony of ukrainian poetry

The book review: Yarmolinska M. V. Euphony of poetic language: Taras Shevchenko, Pavlo Tychyna, Oleksii Dovhyi, Anatolii Moisiienko, Dmytro Chystiak / ed. Yu. L. Mosenkis. Kyiv: Aratta, 2018, 80 p.

Olexandr Strokal, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv

DOI: https://doi.org/10.17721/um/49(2019).138-140


Peony is one of the main, central and most significant characteristics of the Ukrainian language. Harmony of sound transitions, the correct combination of consonants and vowels are the main markers of the sound of the word. M. Yarmolinska’s study devoted to the study of poetic euphony as one of the characteristic features of Ukrainian poetry. The researcher understands the euphony as a science that analyzes the sound composition of verses and establishes the laws of poetic sonority. The author applies general linguistic principles for the interpretation of the phenomenon of euphony and emphasizes its importance and functions in the text. The researcher gives an interpretation of concepts such as “phonemic saturation of the text”, “textual accented vocalization”, “textual consonance” etc., reveals the peculiarities of their interrelations within euphony as a science. M. Yarmolinska argues that the law of sound semantics is realized as much as possible in atypical, unexpected, deliberately created acoustic contexts. The author offers a number of parameters which, in her opinion, it is expedient to analyze the euphonic phenomena. In particular, this is: intonational nuances; ornamental function; function of “audio italic”; associative bonds of words; creating a specific sound; script; creation of symbolic sound; semantic effects. The researcher believes, that one of the euphonic tools that performs a suggestive function is aliteration. This artistic instrument has a historical history and is therefore characterized by its being one of its own. M. Yarmolinska considers the peculiarities of the use of alliteration in T. Shevchenko’s, P. Tychyna’s, O. Dovhyi’s, A. Moisiienko’s, D. Chystiak’s poetic texts. The proposed selection of personalities by the researcher (T. Shevchenko, P. Tychyna, O. Dovhyi, A. Moisiienko, D. Chystiak), although it does not claim to be exhaustive, is rather indicative as it allows the linguist to make an analytical review of each of the stages of development of the Ukrainian language.

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