Ethical Policy

The editorial policy of the collection “Ukrainian Linguistics” is based on the rights and obligations of all parties involved in the publication process: the author (authors), reviewers, the editorial board, the managing editor, the managing secretary, the publisher.

The author is obliged to adhere to the rules according to which the materials submitted to print have to be the original linguistic work which is formalized in accordance with Authors guidelines. The author is fully responsible for the selection, accuracy of the given facts, quotes, statistics, personal names and other information.

If the experts (reviewers) made comments and/or suggestions to the materials, the author has the right to finalize them or submit to the editorial board the reasoned explanation of disagreement with the opinion of the experts (the term is two weeks).

If the author had discovered an error or inaccuracy in a published research, he must immediately report this to the managing editor for the publication of corrections or refinements.

Reviewers (members of the editorial board, leading experts of Taras Shevchenko National University, Ukrainian and foreign universities) evaluate the manuscript on relevance, novelty, content of presentation, generalizations and conclusions.

Every article is subject to a double “blind” review, with the results of which only the author has the right to get acquainted. The period of reviewing is one month.

The editorial board considers the submitted materials regardless of ethnic origin, religious beliefs, citizenship and author’s political views. The editorial board reserves the right to shorten and edit the article, check it for plagiarism and also reject or return the article for review.

In the case of violations of the rules of scientific ethics or conflict of interest (the author of the research and the reviewer or the author and other persons), the editorial board holds a meeting, which takes a decision which is final and can not be appealed.

The managing editor provides a fair assessment of the review of the submitted materials guiding by current legal requirements regarding copyright, legality and plagiarism. Approves the publication of the article. Is responsible for the confidentiality of all materials before the moment of posting.

The managing secretary co-ordinates the communication between the authors and the editorial board at all stages of the review and preparation of the article for print.

The publisher – Publishing house “Kyiv University” – accepts material approved by the editorial board, makes the original layout of the collection and publishes.

*The editorial board of the “Ukrainian Linguistics” in its activities adheres to generally accepted ethical norms and rules, which are reflected in the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), in the recommendations of the publishing house “Elsevier”, in the Law of Ukraine “On Copyright and Related Law” dated 23.12.1993 in No 3792-XII, in edition dated 13.01.2016 and the Code of Academic Honesty for scientific publications of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.